More Than Websites

Web Solutions must be more than websites, they are comprehensive business technology solutions for your business: web sites, mobile apps, ecommerce suites and enterprise level system and data integration.  At KM4 we help identify issues your business may be facing and creatively design solutions to alleviate them for you.

Advanced Development

At KM4, we specialize in providing simple solutions to complex problems.   We artfully balance aesthetics and function.  We understand that your business needs to run smoothly.  Your web technology needs to add to that efficiency not get in your way.

On-Time and Under Budget

We are dedicated to providing the most economic and efficient technology solutions for the challenges facing your business.  Our ultra-responsive service, attention to detail, and conscientious approach to project management allow us to surpass even our own high expectations.

Culminating Years of Experience

With hundreds of websites designed and thousands of projects completed – we cannot possibly show them all.

But the following  are the most recent and most relevant.  Enjoy!

About KM4 Web Solutions

Kim-Murphy Design & Development opened shop in July of 1997.
Owner and Lead Developer Kevin Kim-Murphy has been at the helm ever since.

We’ve been doing business as KM4 Web Solutions since the Fall of 1999.

Our passion is problem solving.

The majority of our clients arrive with a problem they have identified.
We’ve never met a problem we could not solve.

Our mission is to provide the most cost effective and comprehensive solution possible.
We learn your business.  We put ourselves in your shoes.
We empathize with your challenges. We revel in your successes.
We partner with you to ensure those successes continue.

  • Attention to Detail

    The details matter.  We see them.  We address them.  Sometimes we obsess on them.  The result?  Your project is a success.

  • Sophisticated Craftsmanship

    Like old-school carpenters, we build sites that can weather time and trends.  Form must always follow function.  In our opinion, design for design’s sake is not very artistic.

  • Responsive

    Sure you want your site to work on all devices, but that’s not the “responsive” we are talking about here.  KM4 is responsive to you.  We put you first.  And the results are tangible.

  • Results are Expected

    We don’t hope for results.  We plan.  We execute.  And we expect success.  Rarely are we disappointed.

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